Thank you for visiting the IzCreations website. I am Israel Singer, an art director, graphic designer, illustrator and multimedia artist with extensive professional experience; a results-focused problem solver with hands-on technical skills, offering art direction, project supervision, team mentoring, and a passion for graphic design and its vital role in organizational success. I have applied my talents to a wide array of organizations including advertising, education, broadcasting, non-profits, and life sciences. Service offerings include:
  • Corporate identity / logos / branding campaigns
  • Print design
  • Advertising concepts and design
  • Illustration via traditional and digital media
  • Static and animated storyboards
  • Web design
  • Still photography
  • Video production and motion graphics
  • Audio production packages
  • Project team direction and mentoring
I create customized visual solutions for clients, and work in a variety of styles to achieve the desired results. Employing hand-drawn and digital design techniques, I utilize a variety of design and multimedia software including Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut and Sound Forge.

Following is a link to my resume; click to open or right-click to save the file.

Following are comments from clients I've had the pleasure to work with:

"Iz has patience! Lying underneath the skills and creativity that he brings to working with people in the field of graphic design, is an open ear and patience which allows for full communication and presence in the collaboration of a vision."

Marillyn Garrett
Rhythm & Pain Specialist

"Through nearly eight years of working with Mr. Singer, I found him to possess a rare combination of qualities: creative guru, strategist and dedicated team player. Whether the goal was to increase sales, recruit high quality employees, or communicate with investors, he clearly understood business needs and translated them into attention-getting designs."

David Albert
Director of Communications & Research
New York State School Boards Association